Beacon Hospitality is a privately owned hospitality management and development company whose leadership team has over 55 years’ experience working in family owned and operated hospitality businesses. It is this experience that makes the difference. We look forward to welcoming you to the Beacon Hospitality family.

"Yes. I want to build a hotel, but how do I do it?"

  • Create timeline based on ownership's expectations.
  • Manage expectations
  • Understand process, both Owner's and Beacon's perspective
  • Provide a surface level feasibility based on our other properties' performance
  • Assist in selection of a franchise flag

Pre-construction Review

  • Assist owner in selecting an architectural firm.
  • Assist owner in selecting a builder. (General Contractor/Construction Manager)
  • Introduction to the Franchise construction and opening team
  • Review Pre-FF&E bid package
  • Review Pre-OS&E bid package
  • Create a budget for the hotel [based on actual numbers]
  • Create a budget for the project (inclusive hotel, site, and municipal & agency fees) [based on actual numbers]
  • Establish a responsibility matrix for the project to ensure an efficient approach to construction and a timely opening of the hotel.
  • Review telephone, CCTV, internet, cable TV, low voltage wiring, lighting, etc. packages.
  • Assist owner in the architectural, landscape & site plan reviews to maximize hotel value.
  • Host weekly review calls with pre-construction project team (inclusive of the architect, civil engineer, and construction manager) to ensure all timelines are being met, and adjust timelines if necessary, to set proper project expectations.

Franchise – Pre-opening Support

  • Which franchise is right for you and your location?
  • Help owner understands and digests feasibility study.
  • Give owner an accurate budget for the completed hotel.
  • Review architectural plans with the owner.
  • Assist owner with the bidding process, compare their bids to current and recently completed jobs. Thus setting the best prices.

Project Management

  • Weekly report to Ownership, architect, franchise company, and lending institution on project process. Color photos and text explanations
  • Host weekly review calls with construction project team (inclusive of the construction manager and their sub-contractors) to ensure all timelines are being met, and adjust timelines if necessary, to set proper project expectations.
  • Coordinate, schedule and receive all furniture, fixtures, and equipment deliveries.
  • On-site visits with ownership
  • Timeline evaluated weekly